Specialty Running Shoe Store Santa Clarita CA & Palmdale CA


In The Area?

If you’re in the area and are serious about getting fit, we’ll do a gait analysis, measure both feet and provide you choices for footwear. We have a treadmill in our store to watch you run/walk to confirm our analysis and to fit you professionally. Our goal is to get you in the shoes that’s right for you! No appointment necessary. For more information, please call 661-260-3368.

Gait Analysis

  • Analysis is a part of our service and doesn’t cost extra.

  • Process takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Confirmation of analysis on our treadmill.

  • Proper feet measurement.

  • Work closely with local podiatrists and orthopedic doctors so we know about basic feet ailments.

    Watch our Perfect Fit Process Video


  • Product pricing is very competitive.

  • Higher quality products that vendors offer for better performance and are not available at discount stores.


  • Better fitting shoes will help you perform better and attain personal goals.

  • Help prevent and/or heal injuries.

  • Increase overall comfort and enjoy your activities.

Run or Not to Run

  • We offer our service to runners, walkers, tennis players, cross trainers, and kids.

  • Anyone that may be on their feet all day for work (ask our mailman) in industries such as medical, services, film/entertainment, etc.

Internet Shopping

  • We’ve done our best to describe all of the information in helping you chose the right footwear for your needs.

  • We’ve integrated a fit guide to help determine what type of arches you have so you can determine the type of shoes you may need.

  • Our size chart is broken down by inches so you can convert your true shoe size.

  • Please check our Tips section for more information.

  • Still not sure about what shoe to get? Please, call us at 661-260-3368 Monday through Friday 10-7, Saturday and Sunday 10-6, PST or email us at support@runnerslane.com.


Promoting fitness through the sport of running in the Santa Clarita Valley Community.  We’re your destination in the Los Angeles County’s most northern city for a Los Angeles running shoe store.  Runners Lane and company will get you fitted for running in Santa Clarita, in Los Angeles and beyond.  No matter what company you keep, our running staff can get it done.  We run for fun and because we know Los Angeles county and we’re the best Los Angeles running shoe store among the company.  Old school style of fitting like Phidippides in Encino and Frontrunners Los Angeles.