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Happy New Year: 5 Tips to Keep Your Running Resolutions

1. Join a running group.

Joining a running group in your area that cater to beginners can be a huge motivator for you getting out there.  When you make promises to meet up with a group, you’re more likely to stay committed to your running resolution goal. So search around your local area to try out some of the running groups that may be available and just join in. Shop around and find the group that suits your vibe. Usually, local running shops have fun runs which are attached to a running group or club and that’s a great way to get started. You may even find new friends that have will have the same pace as you, and there you have an instant running buddy!

2. Show up.

Just like you would schedule yourself a doctor’s appointment or a salon appointment, schedule your running time with yourself.  Many times we are more committed to make it to the dentist than we are to make to our run. As Woody Allen said, “80% of success is just showing up!”  Imagine that… showing up to your scheduled run is already 80% completed.  The other 20% is just follow through.

3. Get fitted for the right shoes.

Another part of your success with your running resolution is starting off with the right equipment.  A new softball player wouldn’t show up to practice with a catcher’s glove if they’re planning to play in the infield, nor would a tennis player show up to tryouts with a racquet for racquet ball. In running, your shoes matter!  So find your local running specialty shoe store that offers a fitting process and get the right shoes made for your particular gait pattern. Many times, people go out for a run and they’re running in basketball shoes or shoes that are too small or even many years old.  Here’s an example of a proper shoe fitting process.

4. Find a race.

Shoot for a goal.  If you’re a beginner try signing up for a local 5K (a 5K is a 3.1 mile race). This will get you out the door knowing you have an event ahead. There are many training programs online to get you going from a 5K, half marathon (13.1 miles to even a full marathon (26.2) miles. My favorite beginner program is by Jeff Galloway. His program uses interval training which combine walking and running. For example, a beginner may start out by walking 3 minutes then running 1 minute and will repeat this for 20 minutes and will do this three times a week for about 3 weeks.  Then you can progress to 2 minutes of walking and 2 minutes of running or you could just stay with the 3-1 walk/run interval and just increase the time to 25 minutes, etc. For more information, visit Galloway’s site.

5. Use a tracker.

To track your progress, use some type of device that will record your run. My personal favorites are Garmin devices.  They’re very accurate and reliable. It’s fun to see your progress once you get going. This can be a great motivator to to see your improvement if you’re consistent. There are other apps available using a cell phone app such as Runkeeper or Strava if you don’t want to invest in a GPS recording watch. Keeping score is fun and if you meet new running friends you can challenge one another to run a certain amount of miles collectively by the end of the year.

These are some of the ways to get you started and hopefully running through the entire year. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype but really, just keep it simple. Make a commitment to run three times a week for 30 minutes each session and stick to the plan.  Maybe at first you’ll have to walk until you build stamina and strength, but like babies need to learn to crawl before they walk or run, we all need to start somewhere. So start now. The perfect time to start will never come, so just get out there and take the first step to your new running resolution!

The video above was our first ever fun run video back in 2013. The faces may have changed but our fun runs Thursday times remain the same!  Join us at Runners Lane Santa Clarita for a free fun run every Thursday evening at 5:45 pm to meet up and out on the run/walk by 6 pm.  We have a fun run in Palmdale too at Runners Lane on Wednesdays at 5:45 pm. All levels welcome! Walkers too!