RL GaitView® Video Stride Analysis

RUNNERS LANE is where you get fit to be fit.

RL GaitView® Video Stride Analysis plays a key role in our perfect fit process. Please watch the video below to find out more.  Then stop in soon so we can match you with the optimum shoes for your running lifestyle.

Running is one of the best activities you can do to achieve fitness goals. It tones your legs as well as your upper body and core. It delivers cardio-vascular gains unparalleled by most exercise regimens. Running’s rewards are great. Advocates declare it creates a runner’s high. In fact, science supports this claim. Endorphins flow freely when you run repeatedly.

However, with all the positive benefits, running puts many demands on the body. The repetition of an imbalanced stride can have a cumulative negative effect. Let’s do a little math. The majority of runners have a stride rate of 180 revolutions per minute. Over the course of a mere 20-minute run, that multiplies to 3,600 impacts with the earth due to gravitational pull in relationship to your weight – for each side of your body.

Shoe designers have made incredible advances recently to create different shoes that balance almost every nuance of every stride. Runners appreciate that proficiency in providing options. Yet all those options can be confusing. With terms like pronation and supination combined with ‘a trend toward minimalism’ – it is understandable that many runners are overwhelmed. Doctors or therapists may give them critical information about their stride and how to correct problems with certain shoes. However, if they don’t consult with a running shoe specialist that understands the language, it will not be interpreted correctly. A great fit in the proper shoe may not be achieved. 

RUNNERS LANE is a true specialty running shoe store, staffed with professionally trained shoe experts. Flo Mina, the store’s owner, takes great care to train her staff of actively competitive runners. They, in turn, log their own miles in many of the shoes that they end up fitting for customers. They also take the time to hear your story and will consult with your doctor or therapist if you choose to connect them. They will then apply the RUNNERS LANE 4-step, perfect-fit process which includes RL GaitView® Video Stride Analysis – a method that Mina has develop with doctors, therapists, and professional runners over her 18 year career. She’s been teaching the process to running shoe professionals for 12 years.

RUNNERS LANE combines that knowledge with the largest selection of specialty running shoes in the Santa Clarita Valley. A combination that helps keep this community of running enthusiasts striding along in the best of health.

Promoting fitness through the sport of running in the Santa Clarita Valley Community.  We’re your destination in the Los Angeles County’s most northern city for a Los Angeles running shoe store.  Runners Lane and company will get you fitted for running in Santa Clarita, in Los Angeles and beyond.  No matter what company you keep, our running staff can get it done.  We run for fun and because we know Los Angeles county and we’re the best Los Angeles running shoe store among the company.  Old school style of fitting like Phidippides in Encino and Frontrunners Los Angeles.