Marathon Training


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Have you ever thought about running a marathon? Now is your chance…no experience needed!

Just thinking about running a half or full marathon can be overwhelming. Where do you even start? Don’t worry, we are here to help! Runners Lane’s marathon training group is starting up again in June. Join us and we will get you ready for the Santa Clarita Marathon this November or the LA marathon next year – or both!

  • Our training group is completely free and open to all levels, from beginners to seasoned runners.
  • Join us on weekly runs and run or walk at your own pace.
  • Get access to a training plan that will prepare you for a full or half marathon.
  • Ask questions and get answers from people with experience.
  • Get invaluable tips, hints, and encouragement along the way, from feedback on your running form to nutrition to running gear, and more.

“I did not believe that I could do a marathon, but the members of the RL marathon training group believed for me when I could not see it. My goal was to do a 1/2, and then you all said I could do more. The group built me up when I was down, and gave me the opportunity to motivate others… who would think a middle aged overweight woman could motivate others to exercise and run?” – Lorraine Solomon

“Bad back, bad knees, multiple sclerosis, and a host of other issues and this 48 year old guy was training for his first marathon. I never even had the desire to watch 5 minutes of a marathon but for some reason this group inspired me to do what most people can’t even begin to think about. I learned so much about myself and the mental games we all play with ourselves in order to stay in our little comfort zones.” – Matt Malles

“I am fairly new to the sport, with maybe 4 years of running and really running 3-5 miles was my longest run prior to joining Runners Lane. We followed your advice and we were much better prepared this year than last year for the marathon.” – Karla Solano

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Still not sure? Join us on June 6 as we kick off our training group with a Good Form Running Clinic. It is free and you will NOT regret it!