Feetures Light Quarter Sock (white)


Are you tired of blisters and socks that bunch up? Grasp the difference. Original Feetures! provides runners, walkers, golfers, tennis players and others the ultimate in comfort and support, without the thickness and bulk of other premium brands.

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The Feetures light socks are a lightly premium padded sock made WITHOUT Cotton! The best part about these socks is that they are made out of a CoolMax, Polyester, Nylon blend that will keep your feet cool and wick away the moisture from your feet. Cotton retains moisture making your feet really hot and sweaty and no one likes a sweaty sock. The socks are seamless, thus getting rid of all your blister problems! Lastly, the snug fit comes from the patented arch band which keeps the sock from sliding around in your shoe, making this the last running sock you’ll ever need.


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