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A trend nowadays among competitive athletes and fitness enthusiasts is the use of graduated compression socks or leg sleeves to help improve their performance and recovery.  SIGVARIS is the global leader in true graduated compression products which are above the rest in quality and performance.  That is why RUNNERS LANE has chosen to carry this product.  Runners Lane’s, CEO – Flo T. Mina’s own words describing Sigvaris, “It’s medical science meets high sports performance to give you the best that compression legs sleeves and compression socks has to offer!”

True Graduated Compression as Described on Sigvaris Sports website:

“When an athlete slips on a SIGVARIS sports product, he or she is benefiting from the science behind “true graduated compression” – compression that is strongest at the ankle and gradually diminishes as it goes up the leg. “True graduated compression” helps fight the force of gravity and circulate blood back to the heart and lungs more efficiently. When blood is properly circulated, it provides much-needed oxygen and nutrients to tired muscles that have been, or are being, deprived during a workout. Unlike the SIGVARIS Sports products, many other sports products do not feature “true graduated compression.”

Medical studies show that true graduated compression helps improve blood flow. Studies also show that graduated compression can help reduce delayed onset muscle sorness in active individuals. In 2010, three dozen golfers, both men and women,  ranging in skill level, were evaluated wearing SIGVARIS socks during a round of golf. After the study,  86% (31 of 36) of the golfers, responded that their legs and/or ankles felt LESS tired and aching at the end of the golf round when wearing the SIGVARIS graduated compression golf sock.

Many professional atheletes have endorse the SIGVARIS Sports product line. Carl landry, professional basketball player, recently said, “After 40-plus minutes against some of the top athletes in the world, nothing feels better on the long ride home than SIGVARIS SPORTS…I know other athletes that try these products are going to experience great results.””

Athletes who wear SIGVARIS SPORTS Socks and Sleeves will benefit from:

  • Increased circulation and improved blood flow
  • Increased oxygen to muscle tissue
  • Reduced pulled muscles and less exercised-induced muscle soreness in the legs
  • Less lactic acid buildup in the legs during exercise
  • Improved energy, performance and recovery
  • Injury prevention and reduced shin splints & calf cramps

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