Runners Lane is in Santa Clarita and is local to: Saugus, Valencia, Newhall, Castaic, Stevenson Ranch, Agua Dulce, Acton, Canyon Country, Lancaster, Palmdale, Sylmar, West Ranch, and Frazier Park:

Fear of Buying Shoes by Kathy Goodwin: It was the same fear that gripped me a week prior when I walked into an informational meeting for the American Stroke Association’s Marathon Training Program. There I was greeted with enthusiastic coaches and volunteers confident that I, a 48-year-old overweight inactive woman, could complete a marathon. They would provide the training however, I needed the proper equipment and they referred me to Runners Lane. So with Lanny at my side, I took a deep breath, opened the door and stepped into Runners Lane ready to be mocked by arrogant jocks insulted that “couch potatoes” had dared to enter their realm. To my astonishment instead a smiling Flo Mina, co-owner of Runners Lane , who immediately put us at ease, greeted us. With the assurance and warmth of a long lost friend she helped me find the perfect underclothes, running apparel, socks, shoes, and miscellaneous necessities such as Body Glide, and a water belt. During our initial 5-month training period we couldn’t wait to stop by Runners Lane every Saturday afternoon to give Flo a progress report. Flo and co-owner Meliza always had words of encouragement along with helpful suggestions to help make our next long mileage training session a bit easier. Last May we completed the Palos Verdes 1/2 marathon, the San Diego Rock and Roll Full Marathon in June followed by the Long Beach 1/2 Marathon in October and finally The New Las Vegas Marathon in December. Thanks to help received at Runners Lane we never had a single blister or chaffing problem during all our training sessions and marathons. Looking back, one of the luckiest days of my life was when I walked through the door at Runners Lane. I now realize that going through a door can open up one’s life to so many wonderful things.

For more information about getting fitted for athletic shoes please contact Runners Lane at 661-260-3368.

My Footwear Experience by Chuck Branda:   It’s time to get back in shape. I’ve started working out at The Fitness Edge Boot Camp and running Saturday mornings with the Santa Clarita Runners on the Bridgeport-South Fork Trail. I need shoes. What kind of shoes should I be wearing and where do I find them? Just pick a “pretty” pair of shoes off the wall and one whole wall of the store is a display of all types of athletic shoes from New Balance, to Asics, to Nike, to Saucony, to Brooks and many more . Flo took time to get to know me and found out that not only was I training for my first marathon and doing a lot of distance running on the Santa Clarita Trail system, but I was also doing a lot of cross country running at Central Park and Towsley Canyon. After a gait analysis, having me run on the treadmill in the store and discussing any aches or pains that I might have, she steered me towards several styles of shoes that were appropriate for my physical makeup and running style. Each one was tried on and tested by walking and running. With Flo’s help I decided on the most comfortable shoe design for my unique set of needs. In fact I walked out with a pair of shoes for trail running and a pair of shoes for racing on hard surfaces. When Flo found out that I was having a problem with an injury to one of my toes, she called a local podiatrist (while I was in the store) to verify that she was providing me with the right inserts for my shoes. If you are a beginner runner or an experienced runner new to the area, Runners Lane is the place to go for personal attention, expert guidance, and state-of-the-art products in the selection of running shoes, apparel, and accessories for all levels of runners and walkers. One Thursday of every month the Santa Clarita Runners has a training run starting at Runners Lane. Other special discounts are offered in the store for all the Santa Clarita Runners on that night besides the regular discount already provided. For more information about Runners Lane or help with choosing the right running shoe for you call Runners Lane @ (661) 260-3368.

Review by Russell Henmi found on www.yelp.com:  Runners Lane 26248 Bouquet Canyon Rd. Saugus, CA 91350 661-260-3368 Catagory: Sports Wear What a great store! I’ve been reading rare reviews about the store in various LA magazines and websites and so wanted to see for myself what the buzz was about. The store was pretty busy the day I went in so I had to wait a bit. It’s a small store but since they specialize in running gear it doesn’t have to be a huge store and still have everything a serious runner would need…I think, since I’m not a real runner yet. The best part of having to wait was that I got to see Flo and Meliza (the owners) in action. Old, young, men, women, children-all the customers are treated exactly the same way. They don’t just slap the shoes on your feet, they sit and talk with each person to find out what kind of running you will be using the shoes for and then bring out the shoes that meet those needs. They’ll watch you walk on the treadmill and adjust for pronation so that you get the best possible shoes. I’ve never seen anyone pay this much attention to running shoes…and that may explain why I’ve never had a truly comfortable pair before. They set me up with a pair of Brooks Beast with SuperFeet inserts to offset the effects of my flat feet. Hopefully this will get me on the right road (pun intended) to better fitness!

The Best in the Santa Clarita Valley for getting a great fit!!!  By Justin M. I had really bad shin splints and knee problems and with their fitting techniques my shins/knee pain have disappeared in less than a week! They do a gait analysis, measure your feet, put shoes on your feet, analyze they way you run on their treadmill and give you advice on the proper shoes for your personal needs. Wow!! Finally, a running specialty shoe store in Santa Clarita. They’re perfect for our valley. They’ve also got clothing, socks, watches, and bunch of other stuff too! Pros: EXPERT FITTING AND KNOWLEDGEABLE STAFF.

Review by John D.:   Not only does PI make the #1 running shoe, but Runners Lane in Santa Clarita, CA is the best running store that I have found that stocks all the PI (Pearl Izumi) shoes and knows the product! Both Flo Mina and Mel Bautista always keep me updated on the new PI shoes and keep me well supplied for my upcoming marathons. Even though I travel over 30 miles to visit Runners Lane, it’s well worth the trip when you can try on different PI shoes and purchase other PI gear, i.e. hats, socks, shirts, etc. When I ran the Santa Clarita marathon (Nov. 5, 2006), Runners Lane (Flo) was at the Expo and had a dedicated booth that sold nothing but PI shoes. I have been to other running stores in the area and the dealers stocked outdated PI shoes (charging full price) and they didn’t seem to know or care about the shoes. You’re probably asking yourself why I’m even sending this email…no set agenda other than to share my feedback and say that I’m a happy PI runner and have a good running store to visit for PI shoes and gear. John D. Contract Specialist Human Services Agency Contracts Unit

Review by Emi J. found on www.yelp.com 5 star rating:  On a hunt for a Filipino food restaurant, we found RUNNERS LANE. The restaurant we were looking for was closed that day, so we decided to check out this store. The hubby needed new running shoes anyway, so in we went. It’s a small store in a strip mall, but don’t let that fool you. It was pretty busy the night that we went in, but we were not ignored. What separates this store from the big chain stores is the knowledgeable staff and A+ customer service. Flo helped us out that day and answered any questions my husband had. It was a good experience, especially for my husband: the guy that hates to shop. He ended up buying a pair of Nikes.

Patrick C. found on www.yelp.com 5 star rating:  I hadn’t run in over 8 years and wanted to start up again, but I needed some new shoes. Of course the inter-web always has too much information and I found myself getting confused quickly over something as simple as a pair of shoes. I didn’t want to become an expert, I just wanted someone to help me choose the right shoes so I wouldn’t experience any injuries. I went into the store and told them that I am not a runner and had no clue about anything. Todd seemed very helpful and not judgmental in any way. He watched me walking and based on my size and pronation, picked out a couple pairs of shoes. I tried them on, walked around and even got a chance to try them out on the treadmill. After about 25 min., I walked out of there with a comfortable pair of shoes at MSRP. I’ve never had the level of attention these guys give you when buying shoes. It’s almost like getting fitted on a bicycle. Subject Re: gait analysis 02-06-06 Customer Feedback Email Hi! I wanted to thank you for the gait analysis and the great service yesterday!! I ran today with my new Sauconys (6.5 miles) and they felt AMAZING! I think they are the right shoes for me. The gal (Meliza) who helped us was really sweet and we will definitely be back. Thanks!! Ken and Wendy Perry

Stephen Tako wrote at 10:33pm

I must give a testimonial for Runner’s Lane. A few weeks ago I bought running shoes from Flo at her store. This past Saturday, starting at 5:00am and then various times throughout the day, I ran a total of 22.5 miles. I ended at 8:40pm. After all that, I was EXHAUSTED and sore in many areas. But the amazing thing is that my feet and knees were not … Read Moresore one bit! The shoes you selected for me were perfect and I told everyone how it was your shoes that protected me. Thank you Flo and Runner’s Lane!!! Tako

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